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Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Re: ideas

Postby chip5541 on 23 Jun 2008, 20:52

DO you have a publisher yet?
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Re: ideas

Postby Michael on 24 Jun 2008, 09:08

chip5541 wrote:DO you have a publisher yet?

Nope, that's the reason why we are low on funds. We pitched ZB to almost all of the major publishers and got very diversing answers, from "we cannot see a market for this game", "we have a similiar title in our pipeline", "ZB would conflict with our existing portfolio" to "we would publish ZB but QuantiCode would have to bear all the costs, we only share the revenue".
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Re: ideas

Postby sadysadycool on 30 Jun 2008, 18:21

let's see...
the members that had toppics/comments should have a FREE edition ;)
what :roll: we ,,made" the game ,helped to make it,we helped with ideas
or ,make a good game with zb1 official,earn $$,and like you said,if you don't have $$,implement the complex ideas in ZB2,where you will have more moneys... :mrgreen:
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Re: ideas

Postby chip5541 on 28 Jul 2008, 10:12

I was thinking that Stardock would be a good company.
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Re: ideas

Postby douggiem on 25 Jul 2012, 17:31

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Re: ideas

Postby DanielMAsbury on 01 Nov 2018, 06:24

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Re: ideas

Postby fuzailfaisal on 15 Nov 2018, 11:32

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