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The Basics of Building Mobile Phone Apps

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The Basics of Building Mobile Phone Apps

Postby JatApp on 20 Aug 2021, 07:37

The age of the internet or the web is slowly but surely making way for the new so-called ‘Apps Age’. Today, the consumers spend more time on apps than on the web. Earlier this year Mary Meeker, a partner at the Silicon Valley capital venture firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, released a report on the dominance of mobile apps over the web. The combined sales of smartphones and tablets overtook personal computers for the first time, the report had said.

Today it makes a lot of sense to have a mobile app developed even before you create a website for your brand. Creating a mobile app is now easier and less expensive and you can tap into a wider audience. The average cost of creating a mobile app is between £6400 to £12,800 though we can expect the price to fall quickly. During the last few years, Software Developers UK has consolidated its position as one of the most-trusted apps developer in the UK.

There are a few things to bear in mind while developing an app for your brand. First ask yourself how the customers would like to interact with you. If you want the consumer to find your store near to his location then include a store finder feature. You can include an online shopping feature that will help the consumer to place his order from anywhere. You can also include a feature where the consumer can browse a virtual store and find the best available product and also make his purchase. You can also include videos to showcase your product and some graphics tool to make it attractive.

Now you have to take care of things like minimal loading time. A loading time under five seconds is fine. If it is more than that, then the consumers may get impatient. The apps that constantly freeze will also go out to market quickly. You also have the opportunity to include ads in your apps and monetize them. To freshen it up all, some games and other interactive fun features can also be included.

For a mobile app to become successful, try to include some feature that your competitor does not have. It will increase the utility value of the app among the consumers although it will take a bit more money and time. Once you develop your basic app, go for cross-platform formatting, to make it compatible with the various mobile devices the consumer would use. This will help you to reach out to a wider audience and at the same time the you would not be incurring too much expenditure on cross-platform formatting because the skeletal framework of the app will already be ready.


Why Businesses Need Personalized Mobile Apps

In the present times when about 7,50,000 apps are available in the iOS App Store and around 7,00,00 in the Google Play Store, it’ll be most apt to say that there is an application for everyone from web application development, everything and every need. So at a time when millions of people are bidding adieu to their desktops and laptops and instead are bringing their whole virtual world to their cell phones, should your business not have its own independent mobile app?

Well, to start with, a person carries his/her mobile phone everywhere, literally everywhere, so wouldn’t it be a great idea to be able to get through them while they are on the go? With the use of these effectual mobile apps, connecting with and updating your customer becomes much more effort-free and quicker.

Also, how convenient would it be for your customer to reach you whenever they felt like, especially when need arises just by downloading your business app and visit you just with a few clicks on their phones. This characteristic most importantly is a great advantage, because fulfillment of a sudden customer need can be achieved efficiently.

Having your own mobile app build by proficient mobile app developers like those at Software Developers UK -SDI can bring you tremendous amount of customer engagement. At the same time, it also is a great way to provide customer service and support at the time when it is most needed by your customer and hence enhance the business-customer relationship too.

Apps also help a business to reach customers more precisely based on their locations and even preferences. Say for example, you own a restaurant in XYZ locality and with the help of your mobile app you discover that one of your users is in the nearby area, probably at a shopping mall since quite some time. With this information you can just leave them a message asking them to come over at your restaurant and enjoy some delicious meals after a long day at shopping. These are specialized apps which are not every developer’s cup of tea. Only expert mobile app developers (and not novices) can build such customized apps.

Smart phones these days, with amazing operating systems like the Android or Apple’s iOS have gained a lot of popularity and their use too has become much more active then it was even yesterday. In such a time having your own business app will not only bring you remarkable results but keep you at par with your competitor’s strategies, because every second company today – big or small – has opted for smart and brilliant mobile apps and there is no reason why you should stay behind and not get a personalized app built for your business by experienced mobile app developers.
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Re: The Basics of Building Mobile Phone Apps

Postby Jorge on 12 Sep 2021, 20:49

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