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Some ideas..

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Some ideas..

Postby SMA333M on 11 Jun 2008, 14:18

I. First of all.. I think most don't really care if is Newbie Server or not... and that is because:

1. The are not enough players so if there are players only in a newbie server ofcourse everyone will join there;
2. The older players CAN join those servers.. they should not be allowed to join;
3. Newbie servers should have AI tanks also.. easy difficult to kill.

II. Levels:

The new players can discover all maps and all features pretty fast.. and after a while you can ask yourself why you keep playing since you don't feel like you gain anything.. (ofcourse you gain some fun.. but..). So what I propose is this: LEVELs.. like in a RPG/MMORPG game. How they will work(?):

After every game played you will gain some experience (XP); more experience if you win the game, less if you loose (the experience gained will not depend on how many kills you had.. eg: 3 xp if won, 1 xp if lost). After getting enough experience you will level up.. first level will be level 0 for new players. And ofcourse, having higher level will unlock more features of the game:

1. Some maps will need higher levels to play on.. like level 5+, 10+, 20+, etc.; The newbie server can have a max level limit to play on.. like level 2 or something.. those who are higher, can't join it;
2. Some tanks will require certain levels to unlock;
3. Some skills will require certain levels to use in-game;
4. The in-game leveling up need to be removed.. the upgrade points will work the same but you will not gain levels for them; also it should be easier to gain upgrade points since there should be more upgrades to do during game.
5. Those who will leave game before it is finished, will loose XP.

III. Game sessions: for exemple you will choose to play 5 times in a row on same map or on different maps.. the winner will be the one who wins after this 5 games and you will keep your upgrades and upgrade points until you finish all 5 games.. this way you will not need to upgrade from 0 your tank, every game.. and because there will be an entire tech tree for upgrading and can't do it in 1 game ;)

IV. New skills/upgrades:

I think the skills should become upgrades..

1. Kamikaze - after the tank which got this is destroyed, it will explode and kill all tanks close to him
2. Artillery - 50% less health, slower tank; super cannon - its shells can destroy a larger area; in close combat is dead without protection

Combo: sometimes you kill 3 or more tanks in a row (I mean without getting killed); for such thing you should get a special skill.. that is Air Strike :D , which will destroy everything on its target.. but you can use it only 1 time / game and only after you killed several tanks in a row.

V. New type of games:

1. Conquest - in this type of game you will have to conquer and hold parts of the map; the team which will have the highest number of points (from holding territories.. not from kills) will win;

2. Time attack - this will be like a deathmatch but: after 10 mins (or something) the player with lowest number of points will be eliminated from game.. after 5 more minutes, the next player with lowest points will be eliminated.. and so on until only 1 player will remain.
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Re: Some ideas..

Postby Michael on 13 Jun 2008, 16:38

Hi SMA333M,

thank you very much for this extensive analysis. I'm afraid i cannot answer your points in great detail due to my tight schedule, but i'll get back to this topic in a few days and write down some of my thoughts.

kind regards
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