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Make cheating harder...

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Make cheating harder...

Postby Zero on 05 Jun 2008, 12:25

The game is obviously based on the well known open source library "opens scene graph", every hobby programmer can download the source code, make some modifications and replace the shared libraries used by the game with the modified ones.
Here an example: I changing few lines of code (maybe 10) and now I can see the name of the Players even behind buildings and terrain (I have scaled them up too):

If you want to release a commercial version you should at least make cheating more tricky.
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Re: Make cheating harder...

Postby Zero on 06 Jun 2008, 13:03

I'm sorry for the multiply threads... whenever I try to submit a change I get some errors...
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Re: Make cheating harder...

Postby Michael on 13 Jun 2008, 16:20

Hi Zero,

@SQL error: the forum should be up and working again without any DB errors showing up.

@Cheating: Thank you for the information. We're going to implement some counter measures to prevent people from modifing the client data (including the libs). This should allow playing the game only with the original client files shipped. It is hard to stop client-side cheating at all because there will always be the possibility of driver overrides (play in wireframe mode) or stuff like that...

kind regards,
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Re: Make cheating harder...

Postby Zero on 14 Jun 2008, 01:28

Preventing client-side cheating is always hard but it should made a bit more tricky. Getting some useful data from the low level api calls is much harder than extracting the position of all tanks from the scene graph or ode. Maybe you could use something like an obfuscator to make the symbols exported from the shared libraries unreadable and break the compatibility with (trivial) self compiled versions.
Of course all these anti-cheating measures will only become necessary when the game gets popular.

Feel free to delete this thread if you think it's going to have some negative effects...
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Re: Make cheating harder...

Postby sady on 17 Jun 2008, 08:29

cheating?!I can't even see the trees
is a BUG they are invisible and i died a lots of time colliding!
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Re: Make cheating harder...

Postby DavidHolt on 10 Oct 2018, 16:37

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