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HUD thoughts

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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HUD thoughts

Postby Raumkraut on 04 Jun 2008, 16:04

Ever seen the HUD for planes/flightsims? Lots of information around the targeting reticle. Why? Because that's where you should be looking - every moment spent glancing down at a dashboard is a moment you could become dead. :D
IMO putting health and weapon reload/cooldown indicators around/near to the reticle would help players keep their eyes on the prize, as it were. :)

Part 2:
Third-person view *really* needs *any* kind of HUD! ;)

And it's been said before but, for the view to be playable, 3rd person needs some way of determining, with a reasonable amount of accuracy, where your turret is pointing. UT2k4 managed this by, I think, having the turret/s point toward whatever the camera was aiming at. It also had an in-reticle indicator of whether the turret could see/hit that point (IIRC all 2k4 vehicles used non-ballistic weapons).
Using the aforementioned UT2k4 method, it would surely be little more difficult to aim than in 1st person, provided the camera is at a fixed point relative to the gun (which it is)? Just a matter of aiming marginally lower than you would otherwise...
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