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Turret decoupling?

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Turret decoupling?

Postby Raumkraut on 04 Jun 2008, 15:36

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it irritating that my turret, ie. where I'm aiming, rotates with my chassis. It makes aiming while turning the tank a rather... (wait for it)... hit and miss affair. :D

I've been able to adapt (I'm good at that), but I still think the ballistic aiming is challenging enough, especially for newbies, without this added on top.
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Re: Turret decoupling?

Postby Vitesse on 04 Jun 2008, 19:41

Hi Raumkraut,

Enjoyed playing against you earlier.

Good idea about the turret and HUD.

Aiming is tricky - having to account for ballistics, lead, steering and the slight delay between mouse press and firing.

Fun though!

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Re: Turret decoupling?

Postby sady on 17 Jun 2008, 08:37

yeah!should have a gyro
but what about a upgrade?
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Re: Turret decoupling?

Postby xolot1 on 03 Jul 2008, 05:04

i actually really like the way the turret works now. It certainly takes a while to get used to, but its more fun in the end. Zipping in and out of trees while firing at a 90 degree angle is a challenge, but makes for a fast pace game. BZFlag is a tank game where there is no turret aiming at all, and therefore provides a very different experience.

Now down take this as an insult, but I disagree that the developers should introduce a gyroscope type upgrade. This would make the gameplay itself easier as players improved, which would arguably be less fun. The upgrades now still require the same degree of skill to use effectively, although they allow you to fight better. Giving a successful player an easier way to play the game might tip the scale too far in the elite players' favor. Interesting ideas though. What about a lock mode? Say after 3 seconds of good tracking there could be some computer assistance? There are certainly many options!
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Re: Turret decoupling?

Postby Alloh on 31 Mar 2009, 03:46

What about then to have another game mode, where 2 ppls care of 1 vehicle, as driver/gunner?

So it starts making sense of gyro, stabilized gun, target computer, etc.

Real world is like this, since you can't drive, fire and reload at once.

and on game it would improve many things, and add a layer. That car near the trees has 1 or 2? Allow both modes to co-exist... who hits a tree is dead meat if near a 2-man enemy tank.
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Postby BachJohann on 24 Mar 2018, 17:24

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