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External game server queries

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External game server queries

Postby marc on 13 May 2008, 01:14

Hi guys!

I would like to write a small program to query ZeroBallistics servers or the server list. I wrote one before for the game Battlefield 1942 since it uses the Gamespy protocol. Does ZeroBallistics use something similar? If not, can you send me the format for the queries?

I think that a useful program would be one that could run in the background of a persons computer and notify them when players join the servers, or list how many people are playing. That way it will be easier to meet players since the game is still in the growing stages and player numbers are low.

So, in summary: Will you provide the info needed to query server stats for ZeroBallistics?

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Re: External game server queries

Postby Michael on 15 May 2008, 14:59

pm-ed you
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