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More Ideas!^^

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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More Ideas!^^

Postby Shadow on 13 Apr 2008, 17:07

Yoyo, very nice fungame!

Here are some tweaks and ideas i guess would add more variety (ill add more over time, since i forgot some i guess).

Secondaray weapons (well the gatlings in this case heh) should receive an overheat bar and some delay before firing (think of a spin in phase). This adds some more complexity in using them imo and doesnt make them too useful like they are right now. ^^

Primaray weapons should get different explosions and some of those need a different reload time imo.
High Impact stuns you literally and should have a longer reload time.
Splash could get some shrapnells (think of some mud particle effects ^^) to show off the radius of its impact a little bit better. Should also receive a longer reload time, this thing rocks too much. =P

Mines should be refunded when they explode (if they do, they live too long imo ^^)

Destructable terrain is a must imo! All those trees really want to eat some shrapnells imo hehe. Tanks make their own roads! =P

And finally, well i guess thats a very time/money consuming matter. I propose a customizeable class system, with different chassis types and not only wheels but chains and so on. The more armor you get the slower you are (speed upgrades also benefit you less when heavy armored), wheels give you another speed boost, chains allow better movement over steep tarrain, while slowing you even more down.
Depends on the time and money though, i have even more ideas in that direction. ^^
Think of artillery classes and so on heh...
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Re: More Ideas!^^

Postby Christian on 14 Apr 2008, 09:31


Thanks for the compliment :-)

Overheating for secondary weapons is certain to be implemented, for the flame thrower it's a must-have anyway. Spin-up times could add an interesting component, that's true :-)

We made the conscious decision not to change any basic primary weapon parameters (reload time, projectile velocity) so it's easier to get accustomed to the game. We try to balance the weapons by their damage - heavy impact does only a bit more than half the damage that AP does. We might try to play around with reload times in the future, though...
Different explosions are planned.

Mines live for 60 seconds, then they disappear quietly. Opinions diverge on whether they should be refunded - perhaps we will introduce this.

Destructible terrain would be great of course - but as a consequence everything that is on the terrain must be destructible too, buildings and all. At the moment we simply do not have the resources to make that look good - so we concentrate on the more pressing issues, such as new settings and maps. The same basically goes for the class system.

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