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MG with more ballistics

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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MG with more ballistics

Postby Kano on 12 Apr 2008, 04:08

I would say mg should have got at least some drop in longer range. It fires like a laser. Lase gun is fine, but it sounds like a mg ;)
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Re: MG with more ballistics

Postby Christian on 12 Apr 2008, 09:00


Well this isn't a realistic tank simulator ;-)
We made the deliberate decision to make secondary weapons instant hit and non-ballistic, to have a strong contrast to the slow and ballistic main projectiles. The MG range is quite limited anyway, so the ballistic effect would be almost negligible.
The laser gun will have a very long range and can be used a bit like a sniper weapon.

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