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Diversity: key to long term survival

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Diversity: key to long term survival

Postby Alloh on 31 Mar 2009, 03:15


I really liked the game engine. Light, fast, runs smoothly, and pretty enough. I really wish this game prosper, specially on Linux...

There are many reasons why someone play one game once. Twice is to improve and enjoy.

But for many many times, diversity is key. Different options of chassis, engines, armour, weapons, etc, which can be combined. Each has strenghts and limitations. Every player can create his vehicle freely, given a combination of "points", just like a RPG.
-Get me a light chassis, medium/fast engine, active armour and a light gun/long range and you have a great scout. Fast, kill from far, but weak. Keep moving
-Heavy chassis, engine and armour leaves room for only small weapon. Flamethrowers and MGs. Good defender, but manouvres slowly
---> so on, on HUGE number of combinations. For each mission / enemy, a new vehicle.

So, to add more spice, a few more ideas:
-Everything has weight.
-Chassis: light gives little room for gear, but speed/manouver is great. As grows, increases cargo capacity but decrease speed/manouver.
-Chassis must have different configurations, alternating mobility, weapon turn, and armour holder.
---Chassis are limited models (ex.: 9). Weight capacity is limited by chassis.
---Most have turrets, some wont but holds 2 heavy ones and a light. Compensate small angle turning chassis, but twice fire rate.
---amount of (armour // engine // weapon) defines the speed and turn speed.

-Engines vary on weight/power/speed. And noise and smoke/heat signature

-Armour varies on amount (weight) and type. Active ones holds armour piercing, but is weaker to heavy impact. Conventional holds impact but is easy penetrated. Extra plates adds weight but defends better. Choose one of 3.

-> There MUST be an OPTION for limited ammo. When used, some spots provides reloading. Amount of ammo shall be changed, extra ammo uses weight limit. Unlimited mode kept.
--More variety. From 20mm fastest rate armour-piercing to 200mm slowest heavy impact, with at least 6 options for heavy gun.
-> Missiles: long range must be fired stopped and locked. Medium range locks if stopped but fires unlocked. Short range have no locking.
--Lasers generate heat. And drains ENGINE power - HP->electricity

--Target computer: shows a dot compensating movement.

Game Modes:
-TWO meta-gamemodes: battle or mission
--Battle is usuall online play. All beta modes, as DM, team DM, Last Man Standing, etc.
--Mission is for fewer people: Ppls must cooperate on objective against server's bots. Auto-adjusting from 1 to 5 ppls.

For a 1st idea, that's my contribution.

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Re: Diversity: key to long term survival

Postby Alloh on 31 Mar 2009, 03:26

Continuous upgrade keeps diversity:

-Open up MAPPING to community

-Plan for one map be able to hold many missions

-Add more vehicles designs, new weapons, engines... maybe a silent electric one?

---Evolve more complex vehicles. More specialized models;
-----A Radar model provides info to his team. A scrambler scout can blind him. But are light armored/weapon.
----Artilhery model saturates area. but is sluggish. and bad armour.
----Repair model fix his teammates. Good armour, bad weapon
----Scout model can provide long range info to his team. Can operate flyer drone, losing mobility.
----Anti-Air/Artilhery/Scout model

>->-Walking models, robot-like?? on expansion pack 3? With weight/HEAT/room management? Leave room for those...

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Re: Diversity: key to long term survival

Postby Alloh on 31 Mar 2009, 03:51

Last idea:

Keep at least part of game free.

Ask for community content.

CS got so famous for 3rd party content, as maps, weapons, mods, etc.

There are many ways to earn money with software. Free software also is one of them.

And community works...
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