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Some ideas

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Some ideas

Postby Flyingdebris on 09 Apr 2008, 22:49

i haven't had much of a chance to find out since the battles are usually very hectic, but do tanks take damage differently depending on where they are hit? i.e. do hits to the sides or rear do more damage than frontal hits?

Because if not, then i think that'd definitely be a cool addition.

Alternatively, some kind of rudimentary locational damage system would be sweet. i.e., each side of your vehicle takes damage independantly, so players with a mangled left side will want to keept he right facing the enemy.
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Re: Some ideas

Postby Christian on 10 Apr 2008, 00:18

Hello debris!

Tanks take the same damage regardless of where they are hit at the moment. This will be changed in the future however, we plan to make the rear and sides more vulnerable.

Your alternative suggestion sounds interesting - we will certainly discuss it.

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Re: Some ideas

Postby chip5541 on 10 Apr 2008, 05:34

That would be cool. Destroy a tanks left or right side treads and the tank spins around in little circles :lol:
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