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Guide to Selecting Flow Meters

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Guide to Selecting Flow Meters

Postby Heiwhite on 22 Nov 2019, 09:57


Choosing a meter for your workplace can be made easier by asking yourself a few basic questions before you start your search, such as 'What fuel will I be using?' and 'What power supply do I need?'. You can then narrow down your options based on your requirements, rather than ending up with a flow meter that is not suitable for the purpose.

Flow meters are used to measure the amount of fuel or lubricant being dispensed, and are therefore useful for use in industrial work places where vehicles or machines are topped up with fuel.

Flow meters can be divided into three main categories: mechanical meters, electronic meters and nozzle meters. The mechanical meters are the most simple in design, whereas the electronic models have a digital display for greater accuracy and also tend to be available in more fuel options. The nozzle meters can be thought of as a two-in-one fuel dispensing product, as they are fitted with a handy nozzle on the end for easy dispensing. As well as being easy to use, these meters look and feel familiar because we are used to using these types of fuel dispensers every time we go to the petrol station!

There are many advantages to installing a fuel flow meter in your workplace, but the most obvious benefit is saving money. By using a meter you can monitor how much fuel, oil, lubricant etc you are using each time you fill up a vehicle or machine. Keeping track of how much is used can really help you to monitor costs and implement efficiency savings if you feel that this will be necessary.

Now that you know the options when it comes to flow meters, it is wise to keep your budget in mind and take a look at the options that you have available to you in each category. Don't forget to look through the pictures, descriptions and specifications of each model - and also double check that it is suitable for the main fuel you will be using!

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