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Assault and defend

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Assault and defend

Postby xolot1 on 02 Jul 2008, 01:24

I dont know what your plans are regarding new maps, but I think a map that encourages coordinated attacking/defending would be pretty fun. Im not saying make any objectives or anything, but perhaps some bottlenecks -- like bridges over deep, slow, open water, or maybe some pattern of ridges across the middle of the battlefield. It should be left up to the players what they want to do with the maps, but by laying out the maps in a certain way, you can almost suggest a focus of the battle.

I came up with this idea after messing around on one of the empty servers. Turns out I was able to climb up over the mountains on the edge of the map, giving me a wide open shot of the entire map. I imagine it would be pretty hard to hit me up there, although my accuracy at that range would be pretty poor as well. Anyways, by making such viewpoint a bit more reachable (took me a few minutes to figure out how to get up), the subliminal battle orders might be to capture or defend it.

Just an idea...
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Re: Assault and defend

Postby Michael on 02 Jul 2008, 10:52


actually the Beaconstrike mode will be a special kind of assault and defend. Certain places on the map will be important for each team and this will create that kind of "bottlenecks" you mentioned in your post.
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Re: Assault and defend

Postby sadysadycool on 02 Jul 2008, 16:54

remember my idea with the different vehicles?
i tough :a mammoth tank should be advantaged by shooting from a hill,having either a targeting computer,then lieing in beyond a house,where his dimension would deconspire him
,and the low speed disadvance him...no problem with the firepower... :mrgreen:

but some modules would be better than the,,abilities"
-expanded GPS(bigger scanning radius)
-targeting computer(allow a second crosshair,that shows where to shoot to hit enemy,completing the shell deviation)
-shoot seeker(the red signs arrount the crosshair dissapear,having them only if you buy it)

a hummvee has 1 module slots
a 6x6 L.A.V.:3
a 8x8 L.A.V:6
a merkava:8
a mammoth:12

those things can be buyed if earn prestige,valoratin 5,10,15,20,...,in order of efficiency
prestige is earned by destroing enemyes like:a humm-vee value 5 prestige
but if he earned upgrade points,is 5p+(number of upg. p)
e.g.:5p+5upg. p.=10 p

upgrade points are something else:destroing a enemy-1 up.p.
3 in a row?
multiplier:first deserts 1
second 2
3rd 3

destroyng a enemy without be damaged by him:5up.p.

is a pleasure to play this game,but i wait the final edition :twisted:
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