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Some ideas

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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Some ideas

Postby keiseren on 27 Jun 2008, 13:28

I LOVE this game and WILL absolutely buy it when done!

Some ideas that might be fun:

1. A simple rocket pack for the tanks would be fun. Like those SRM/LRMS in the Mechwarrior games, or the good old "Stalin Organ". Could be used as a form of artillery.
You could spend upgrade points on buing bigger and bigger packs of missiles. Let's say you start with a pack firing 2 missiles pr salvo at first, but if you upgrade you can increase by 1 missile pr salvo. Some reasonable limit on the amount of missiles will have to be set.

Mines n'stuff:
2. A mine consisting of a sticky foam to make enemies stuck to the ground.

3. A Tag that makes a team's guided missiles home in on a single target. One would have to be able to turn on/off a "team-target" option..

4. Being able to purchase deployable "auto-turrets" for harassing the enemy on their turf or defending one's own turf. Turrets would stay alive for a while and be destroyable by the enemy.

More units:

5. A dedicated artillery tank. A HUGE cannon with a perhaps only 30 degrees angle of frontal attack Or something like the M109 artillery tank.

Perhaps this unit should have the possibility of firing a flashbang shell every X seconds to really annoy the enemy in team battles.

6. MLRS vehicle as a dedicated Stalin Organ unit. Does not use rocket packs as in idea 1, but has a 6 to 10 rocket salvo as the main weapon. Something like this http://www.haaland.info/norway/army/bilder/mlrs-notpainted.jpg The vehicle should be given a small machinegun as well, but no mines.

Max upgrade to weapon gives a % chance of 1-2 rockets pr salvo to have a weak homing device in them.

7. A dedicated tank killer unit like those STUG units from ww2. Low profile, big gun, but very limited angle of attack. Would most likely end up as a sniper type of unit. Perfect for sneaky types.
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Re: Some ideas

Postby Seeker on 27 Jun 2008, 16:25

I must admit, I'm a real fan of some of those ideas especially the 'Sticky mine' one.
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Re: Some ideas

Postby Bono on 29 Jun 2008, 09:40

Sticky mine is a good idea. I would also sugest reactive armor instead the shield and more damage for AP rounds vs HI and SC for more realism. Also a guided missile with a damage arround 50 would be nice, but with locking time for targets of 3-5 seconds.
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Re: Some ideas

Postby sadysadycool on 30 Jun 2008, 18:15

sorry ,but i had made a new ID ,i forgot last password :shock: :?

but i must say my ideas:the two M2,instead of minigun:same fire power
less fire speed
no heat!
another secondaryes:missles launcher
flame thr.
small gauss
grenade launcher
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