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a idea or three

Post any game related ideas or features you would like to see in the final version

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a idea or three

Postby pay[oh]tea on 04 Apr 2008, 19:28

I realize that having limited resources and\or a small team will force a feature freeze at some point, so gameplay can be refined yet no seriously new features can be added, however... heres a thought or two:
1) More than two "chassis", say like 4 or 5, with each base chassis offering something specific over the others. IE: chassis 1 is fastest, yet has only 1 hardpoint for secondary (or tertiary.. ) add-ons. Chassis two is slower than 1, yet has 2 hardpoints and more armor.. Chassis 3 is balanced, Chassis 4 is assault but slower than three, Chassis 5 is uber-tank.. You get the idea.

2) Vanilla CTF mode, with run of the mill CTF rules.

3) Ability to radio in air strikes... ALA A-10 warthog =] Would be a add-on (radio gear?) that could be used once per respawn.

Food for thought.

Re: a idea or three

Postby Michael on 04 Apr 2008, 20:02

thanks for your ideas. as you already said most of the features cannot be implemented due to our limited team size/time/budget. But we will do what we can, perhaps some sort of poll for must-have-features will be started here?!?

kind regards,
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Re: a idea or three

Postby pay[oh]tea on 05 Apr 2008, 11:05

IMHO, I'd just do what YOU have to do to make a great game. Too often, polls and such kind of backfire when the devs try to make everyone happy and what not. This in turn extends the development time, on and on.

On another note... And please, take this with a serious grain of salt. Remember a game called "Treadmarks" from about 8 years ago... Twas a tank combat game, and a damn good one at that. Had multi, offline play, quite a few different tanks, loads of sh*t blowing up + deformable landscape... Eight years later, and you folks are about 15% of the way there =/ Good luck, however I would rethink what you are doing, unless this is just a sideline, hobby kind of game. God I hate even saying that, being an aspiring game developer myself...

Re: a idea or three

Postby marc on 07 Apr 2008, 03:37

About Treadmarks: I played it years ago and loved it. The thing is this, Suemas (spelling?) was a genius programmer who came up with the idea of BinTrees before anyone else did, which was basically copied into the ROAM, and I think CLOD algorithms. He was amazing, and his life was cut short. And also, ZB has not been in productiion for 8 years. It is being totally done by literally a few people, and that is fanstastic! I love this game! I'm not sure how many artists worked on Treadmarks, but I bet it was more than 1 since it had such much stuff. And also remember that the game was modifiable and that someone made an expansion pack that gave tonz of stuff too. Maybe something similar here will happen.

It's like pointing out to 2 people who made a new FPS that Doom 3 came out 3 years ago or something. It doesn't make sense.

I don't think you were attacking, but I think things need to be properly put into perspective.

How are 1 or 2 artists going to get the stuff that treadmarks did?
52 maps,
20 tanks,
23 weapons + powerups,
80 land models
and nuclear weapons (which are amazingly fun!)

Comparing isn't sensible at all.
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Re: a idea or three

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