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knowledge evaluation system

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knowledge evaluation system

Postby gr8h8m on 22 Mar 2018, 14:04

About those tests..... Kids are taught reading with stories--fiction--yet 50-70% of the reading on the tests is nonfiction, which is not what they spend time on reading in class. When they do, they read flat, uninspring expository prose from textbooks. How are they supposed to answer a question on a test like "What is the author's point of view?" when they are fed material where the author has no point of view? And where do those test creators get the excerpts for the tests? From award-winning nonfiction books. How do I know? As an academic writer at http://essaytyper.pro/ type my essay service, I have a thick file of permissions I have sold to the test makers. We have a problem trying to turn our educational system into a factory. That model is won't produce creative innovators.
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Re: knowledge evaluation system

Postby onlineteaching on 07 Apr 2018, 08:04

education is the important factor for all peoples.We provide the good education for our child.It is get the more knowledge for the academic level.The exam are fixed for in how much study foe the students.
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