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C++ Runtime error - Solution

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2008, 11:08
by Michael

if you encounter the error mentioned above immediately after starting Zero Ballistics, please follow the steps below. If the error persists after using the patched version below, please post a reply here with the log and .dmp files attached.

1.) Download the attached ""
2.) Extract the content of the .zip file over your existing installation of Zero Ballistics (normally C:\Program files\Zero Ballistics) and overwrite tankClient.exe
3.) Try to start the game again
4.) See if the error still occurs, if so please post log files and .dmp files from you application data directory here.

General explanation:
One known issue that produces this error is: if you do not have write permissions to your user application data directory (a possible reason why and when this occurs is unknown to me).
The patched version attached handles this case, otherwise you should be able to start the game if you accquire write permission to your user-data directory.

user-data directory locations:

On Vista it is:
C:\Users\(Username here)\AppData\Roaming\Quanticode\Zero Ballistics

On XP:
C:\Document and Settings\(Username here)\Application Data\Quanticode\Zero Ballistics

kind regards,

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