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no servers????

Post any problems related to the beta version of Zero Ballistics

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no servers????

Postby shivendra on 24 Apr 2008, 05:07

h im new to this game, i installed it today and found no server is showing up in server browser!!!i clicked on update but still browser is empty....then i configed my firewall i added tankclient.exe to the exceptions, then ran it but nothing happens!!!any help pls or there really are no servers running??
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Re: no servers????

Postby Kano on 24 Apr 2008, 06:57

Well it seems currently is no server running, just create one if your internet connection is fast enough. Until you are an experienced player you will still be killed pretty fast ;) Would be cool to have an official dedicated Linux server.
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Re: no servers????

Postby Seeker on 24 Apr 2008, 08:41

As some of you know I'm having problems with the European server with this build.
I'm doing everything in my power to try and work out what the problem is and fix it but as soon as I do I'll let you all know.

Thank you for your patience
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Re: no servers????

Postby Michael on 24 Apr 2008, 12:12

Hi shivendra,

we're hosting a server now here at QuantiCode, so there should be at least one server on your list all the time. We're also working with Seeker on the problem to get his server stable as soon as possible, many thanks to him for his cooperation.

Hope you enjoy playing Zero Ballistics, c u
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Re: no servers????

Postby chip5541 on 24 Apr 2008, 15:07

Seeker, is that what happened yesterday when I was on your server? I thought it was my end since my phone was dead as well.
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Re: no servers????

Postby Seeker on 24 Apr 2008, 16:04

As much as I would like to say it was your end I'm afraid it wasn't, the server script crashed.
Michaels provided me with an updated build of the server code which is running at this moment. This version produces a log file when it chrashes so he'll be able to trace what the problem is.

Odd thing is though that now I've loaded the new version it hasn't crashed once :)
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