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Start server

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Start server

Postby kostiagol on 19 Oct 2008, 15:22

I can't start host game, it says - ERROR: Connection attempt to : localhost:23500 failed.
as I understand server is running - Server started, waiting for connections on port 23500.
0h0m4.12582 Loading dm_almrausch (Deathmatch)

I don't know much about servers, and ports, so PLEASE!! HELP ME!! anybody. maybe solution is very easy, I just don't know what to do, change port? or problem is deeper?

I'm using Debian amd64
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Re: Start server

Postby Christian on 21 Oct 2008, 20:12

hmm that is strange.
sorry ATM I have no idea about the reason for this behaviour. Perhaps some linux guru out there can help?

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