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Custom Resolution / 1920x1200

Post any problems related to the beta version of Zero Ballistics

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Custom Resolution / 1920x1200

Postby Guest on 06 Apr 2008, 14:52

First of all, I enjoyed playing your beta version. It is very well-playable already.
I am certain that there is some way to use Custom Resolutions, but this is not documented. Please enlighten me. Also you should add 1920x1200 to the list of the "Screen Resolution" Option.

Re: Custom Resolution / 1920x1200

Postby Michael on 06 Apr 2008, 15:03


the list of resolutions will be extended with the next update of the beta version.
For now you can enter a custom resolution at the "config.xml" file, which resides in your user-data directory.

On Vista it is:
C:\Users\(Username here)\AppData\Roaming\Quanticode\Zero Ballistics

On XP:
C:\Document and Settings\(Username here)\Application Data\Quanticode\Zero Ballistics

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