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Where should I place my charges?

PostPosted: 25 Jun 2008, 00:25
by dmiceman

There are a lot of wtf situations when I have a duel with other tank, both having the same level, both place an equal amount of shots, but one tank dies first. I assume there is something with hitboxes inequality. Oblivious, what the bottom and back of the tank is a good target, but what except that? In the flank projection, should i target to the side or to the turret? It would be helpful if someone describe hitboxes picture.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Where should I place my charges?

PostPosted: 25 Jun 2008, 09:05
by Christian

The current hit model is a simple one: It doesn't matter where you hit a tank, but only from which direction. So you can try to circle an opponent tank to hit him from behind, while it might save your life to turn your armored front towards the enemy.

The rationale behind this was that it is difficult hitting a tank at all, and we didn't want to introduce a seemingly random factor by e.g. distinguishing between body and turret hits. It's not like a FPS shooter in which you can place precise head shots, after all.
In contrast, the direction with which a tank is facing you is clearly visible.