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First Belief

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First Belief

Postby Rakilonn on 10 Jun 2008, 10:01

Hi there,

I'm new in this game and I will give you my first belief of this game.
I haven't play this game but my advices may be important because the fisrt beliefs determined if a player will try a game or not.

First Wooooo this game should be really fun and the tank design is good. Add they have got great textures :)
I would warn you about the textures in this topic : Tank textures are really great but others textures are not very details. That's why, the landscape seem flat in contrary to Tanks textures.
Then I think, it will very great to improve the landscap. All textures and ambient will be more homogeneous and the first beliefs will be better. Then I m pretty sure that more players will come and stay in this hopeful game. :)

See you later and Good job
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Re: First Belief

Postby Goodknight on 10 Jun 2008, 17:48

I love the physics. Excellent work there. HI + Ram = Flying collision!
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