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Some Feedback

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Some Feedback

Postby Vitesse on 28 Apr 2008, 13:41


Been playing ZB for a few days and I keep coming back for one more go...

Gameplay is fast and furious. It's good when you get past being fragged and not knowing where it came from.

I have found that Team matches are best with around 5 or so players per team. Many more and there is little room for tactics. Also I find I get slowdowns / lag with too many players. Probably my old PC, but I do have a fast connection. I will try lower graphics settings.

During a team match this morning my teammate commented that his kill points were not increasing. i checked and mine were the same. Stayed at 2 until the end of the match. I had scored and used an upgrade earlier in the game.

Thanks for the Beta!
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Re: Some Feedback

Postby Christian on 28 Apr 2008, 14:47


Glad to hear that you like our game.
We will try to reproduce and fix the score bug you were having. If you gain more information about it, let us know :-)

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Re: Some Feedback

Postby macker33 on 02 Jun 2008, 17:52

Yep,its pretty cool,,had my first game today.
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