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First Post!

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First Post!

Postby viperg on 02 Apr 2008, 01:49

Hey Guys, saw you on gamedev.net

Wanted to try it out and give some feedback. Waiting to find someone online to play against.

If I host a server will it show up on a main server list for other people to find?

Or is lan and direct connect only working atm?

Anyways no problems to report running on windows vista, I hosted a game and just drove around and shot a few things.

[EDIT] I'm hosting right now at port 23500

I'll probably leave it on for an hour or 2, I have it minimized so shoot me to get my attention (I can hear the sounds)
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Re: First Post!

Postby Michael on 02 Apr 2008, 13:30

Hello ViperG,

thank you very much for posting on penny-arcade.com and sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused to you by promoting our game.

I hope you enjoyed playing Zero Ballistics and i'm looking forward to see you again on one of our servers.

kind regards,
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