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A new beta version ... (POLL)

Moderators: Michael, Bernhard, Christian

Are you ready for a new level?

Poll ended at 21 Apr 2008, 14:42

Definitely, bring it on!
No thanxs, we haven't mastered the existing ones yet.
Total votes : 17

A new beta version ... (POLL)

Postby Michael on 16 Apr 2008, 14:42

is going to be released in the near future.
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Re: A new beta version ...

Postby chip5541 on 16 Apr 2008, 14:50

hehehe.. like anyone is going to say no new level :lol:
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Re: A new beta version ... (POLL)

Postby Kano on 19 Apr 2008, 10:02

I want a level that looks more different to the other ones, how about a church or something in the area...
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