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want to run server

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want to run server

Postby tux on 09 May 2009, 21:52


Is it possible - run server without gui (dedicated server)? I have some hardware and can to run this. Who can to answer?
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Re: want to run server

Postby Michael on 13 May 2009, 10:56

hi tux,

some detailed information regarding the dedicated server and the whole zero ballistics topic will be released in the near future.

kind regards,
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Re: want to run server

Postby chip5541 on 16 May 2009, 21:33

That's good to hear.
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Re: want to run server

Postby themelle on 25 Jun 2009, 13:04

Hi Michael,

we are eagerly awaiting the proposed news about ZeroBallistics as we are playing it on a daily basis and simply love the game for its

- simplicity
- ease of customization
- platform-independence

and of course the fun it creates when blowing around a map with some other precisely aiming people ;)

Please keep us posted about ZB, and keep up the brilliant work!

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