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little suggestion for time

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little suggestion for time

Postby loki on 26 Mar 2009, 14:56

the correct way to point out the DIFFERENCE of times among a place and another is not (UTC + or - x) but (GMT + or - x) GMT is the international system valid for the whole world.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and if move forward or backward from meridian 0 you must add or subtract a number of meridia of your distance (look on windows clock setting)
GMT in international time sistem is only the simple difference betwin 0 meridian and your time zone.
i live in rome (GMT+1) and i whant call my friend's in new york -atlantic coast (GMT -4), if i do this call when in rome is 9.00 AM and i stay at work, my call arrive at my friend when in new york are 4.00AM. ! 9.00 my time -5hour (difference betwin +1 and -4_ +1\0\-1\-2\-3\-4 ) =4.00 AM
I don't believe that my friend will be very happy to receive that phone call.

Universal Time (UT), which is a standard astronomical concept used in many technical fields. ut is unique time zone in all part of the word. if you choise 11.00 UT for a meeting, you must stay at this meeting when in meridian 0 (london during the winther) are 11.00 AM without considering the time of the location when you really find yourself.

if you want to use the European local system you must use the following official sigles.
Central European Time (CET)
Eastern European Time (EET)
Western European Time (WET)
British Summer Time (BST) (only during the summer) during winther thy use GMT
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