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PostPosted: 29 Apr 2013, 18:33
by xWorshipxGER
This is a 24/7 Server .
currently can 10 players go in the server.
anyone is welcome.

Now i ask u guys whats gametype in whats map u will have?
the aktuell maps and gametypes are

and Should i add 2 bots?

and have anyone a plan howto used rcon commands .
i only know the commands
rcon quit
rcon kick (but how i know the ip from a client)
rcon set (but what i can set?)

I need a complete comandslist

Thats was it for the first time. Have fun

now i know howto make a mapcycle
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<variable name="map_names" value="[[dm_bridge;Deathmatch];[dm_valley;TeamDeathmatch];[bs_almrausch;Beaconstrike]]" type="vector<vector<string> >" />

Re: Testserver

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2013, 11:38
by Michael
rcon printConnections

gives a list of players connected to the server and infos used for the kick command