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First Impressions

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First Impressions

Postby oldmanauz on 29 Jun 2008, 01:02


Just played your game. I really enjoyed it. I heard about it on the CEGUI forums. Here are a few comments about my experience. If your interested, here are my system specs:

AMD X2 6000+
Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 Video Card
Audigy ZS2 sound card
4 Gig Of Ram
Ubuntu 8.04

[*] The network felt pretty solid and fast. I'm in Australia and was able to play in European servers with a ping of about 100 and it was definitely playable although there was a small amount of lag

[*] The game ran perfectly under linux for me, bar the issues in this thread: http://www.quanticode.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=102

[*] Tha game ran really fast. Had graphics maxed out and it ran fine. Is there anyway to check your frames-per-second?

[*] It was my experience that enemies didn't show up on the mini-map. I thought this would frustrate me but after playing for a while, I'm glad that it's like this. It allows you to ambush enemies and sneak away if you are damaged.

[*] Maybe the trees are too closely spaced ?? It didn't overly bother me, but it would have been nice that when you are in a combat situation to not have to worry as much about avoiding trees. Maybe have smaller clumps of trees grouped together with large open spaces in-between and/or maybe have "forest" areas on parts of the maps with large amount of trees, so that people can choose to lurk in these areas if they want ? I used the 1st person view exclusively, maybe I need to use one of the 3rd person views. I did like the map with the ruin village in the middle though.

[*] It was sweet to be able to do jumps over the bridge. haha. Maybe a map designed around this sort of behaviour might be worth the effort.

Can I ask what network library you are using, by the way? I'm mucking around with open source game development and I'm curious with what you used.

anyway, keep up the good effort fellas, I enjoyed myself.
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Re: First Impressions

Postby Christian on 01 Jul 2008, 11:43


You can view your FPS with the console command "toggleProfiler".
For networking, we use "RakNet" - to our full satisfaction.
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