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XML Configuration files

PostPosted: 17 Sep 2011, 08:16
by FakeLoki
Hey Guys,
My friends and I have been really enjoying your game but I've been trying to make some minor modifications to the .xml files in Zero Ballistics using Notepad++ and I've been having touble finding the variables I'm after.

So far all I've really done is change the bot names in config_server.xml...
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<section name="">
        <variable name="names" value="[Hitler;Stalin;Churchill;Roosevelt;Mussolini;Menzies;Tojo;Blackadder]" type="vector<string>" />

Bring down the upgrade costs in upgrade_system.xml for a faster game...
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<section name="upgrade.cost">
                <variable name="weapon1" value="7"  type="unsigned" />
                <variable name="weapon2" value="7" type="unsigned" />
                <variable name="weapon3" value="7" type="unsigned" />

And try to nerf some weapons like the armor_piercing_cannon in weapon_systems.xml...
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<variable name="recoil" value="0.05" type="float" />

It seems as though the number of upgrades you can get is limited or something, is this the case and is it changeable without altering the source?
Is the max players per server stored in an xml file somewhere that I can't find?
It seems like there's no documentation for altering the game beyond the in game menus so I though I'd post this here.

Re: XML Configuration files

PostPosted: 19 Sep 2011, 18:47
by Michael
Hi FakeLoki,

great that you enjoy our game, we always love to hear that!

try to add the corresponding entries to all the config files affected (upgrades.xml and upgrade_system.xml), the upgrade effect should work, but GUI won't show more than 3 entries per category.
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<section name="upgrade.cost">
      <variable name="weapon3" value="7" type="unsigned" />
      <variable name="weapon4" value="7" type="unsigned" />
<section name="upgrade.desc">
      <variable name="weapon3" value="Highly increased damage." type="string" />
      <variable name="weapon4" value="Ultimately increased damage." type="string" />

@max players:
try editing the config_server.xml and restart the server afterwards:
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<section name="server.settings">
   <variable name="max_connections" value="10" type="unsigned" />