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PostPosted: 02 Nov 2008, 16:20
by Michael
The most important bot commands are:

addBot: adds a bot if an implementation for the current game mode is available

removeBot: removes one bot in play

The parameter server.settings.bot_limit can be used to initial load that number of bots at level load. This parameter is also set from Host Menu.

Bot parameters: Contains the bot names (has to be same size as ids) Insert the ranking ids here (database id numbers) for bots. These numbers are also set as session keys (have to be inserted manually inside the db) to allow bots to be ranked properly Sets the attack range (squared) of bots. Inside this radius enemies will be attacked

If no bots spawn there may be no bot implementation for this type of gameplay.
If bots only drive backwards and commit suicide after a certain time, the map may not be waypointed properly.

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PostPosted: 09 Jun 2018, 20:04
by techjarvis
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