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PostPosted: 02 Nov 2008, 16:12
by Michael
Waypointing can be managed in-game, the following console commands should be used to create waypointed maps:

startWaypointing: Initialize all waypoints and display them inside the current level

loadWaypoints: Loads an existing waypoint map (always located inside the current level directory, named "waypoints.bin"

saveWaypoints: Saves the current waypoint map

stopWaypointing: Remove waypoint marker from the level geometry to be able to continue with normal gameplay.

Change camera movement to free camera mode for comfortable waypointing. The waypoint markers can be modified with the left and right mouse buttons. Left click turns the waypoint nearest to the camera into an open waypoint (white color). Right click closes the waypoint nearest to camera position (blue color).

Try to create a fully connected open waypoint mesh for a level. Try to create open paths to all the spawn positions available in the level (a spawning bot will try to reach the nearest open waypoint from his spawning position first). Do not put open waypoints to close to obstacles.

Hint: The fast camera movement (shift key) together with a permanently pressed left mouse button can be used to easily create open waypoint paths.

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