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Postby xWorshipxGER on 30 Apr 2013, 13:03

Here i write down all comands for zero Ballistics when i have time

set comands
Code: Select all
set calc_tire_physics
set camera.move_speed
set camera.invert_mouse
set camera.invert_mouse(1)
set capping_dt
set client.app.target_fps
set client.app.min_fps
set client.app.total_profile
set client.input.mouse_sensitivity
set client.input.mouse_sensitivity_pitch_factor
set client.input.mouse_sensitivity_min
set client.input.mouse_sensitivity_max
set client.input.mouse_sensitivity(1)
set client.app.graphics.lod_scale
set client.app.graphics.min_lod_scale
set client.app.graphics.max_lod_scale
set client.app.graphics.particle_lod_scale
set client.app.shadows.polygon_offset_factor
set client.app.shadows.polygon_offset_units
set client.app.log.debug_classes
set deque_overflow(1)
set deque_size(1)
set deque_underflow(1)
set doing_stabilization
set doing_stabilization(1)
set engine_factor
set force_correction
set fps
set heal_increment
set heal_increment(1)
set heal_increment(2)
set heal_increment(3)
set hist_size
set hud.enable
set hud.minimap.map_extents
set kb_per_sec_received
set kb_per_sec_sent
set network_deley(1)
set num_drawables
set num_dynamic_bodies_gamestate
set num_dynamic_bodies_gamestate(1)
set num_dynamic_bodies_replaysim
set num_particles
set num_triangles
set physics.time_scale
set physics.gravity
set ping
set render_all
set render_instances
set render_player_names
set render_replay_shapes
set render_shapes
set render_terrain
set replaying_history
set send_gamestate
set server.settingy.time_limit
set server.logic.ram_damage_factor
set server.logic.tank_heal_increment
set server.logic.tank_heal_start_val
set server.logic.tank_heal_velocity_thredhold
set server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_dropping_speed_threshold
set server.logic_beaconstrike.time_extension
set server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_heal_increment
set server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_heal_ start_val
set server.network.max_input_deque_size
set server.log.debug_classes
set skip_correction
set soccer
set soccer_cannon.slowdown.factor
set stabilization_enabled
set state_diff_pitch
set state_diff_rot
set state_diff_trans
set state_diff_yaw
set tasks_per_frame
set total_delay(1)
set weapon_system_debug

show commands
Code: Select all
show calc_tire_physics
show camera.move_speed
show camera.invert_mouse
show camera.invert_mouse(1)
show capping_dt
show client.app.target_fps
show client.app.min_fps
show client.app.total_profile
show client.input.mouse_sensitivity
show client.input.mouse_sensitivity_pitch_factor
show client.input.mouse_sensitivity_min
show client.input.mouse_sensitivity_max
show client.input.mouse_sensitivity(1)
show client.app.graphics.lod_scale
show client.app.graphics.min_lod_scale
show client.app.graphics.max_lod_scale
show client.app.graphics.particle_lod_scale
show client.app.shadows.polygon_offset_factor
show client.app.shadows.polygon_offset_units
show client.app.log.debug_classes
show deque_overflow(1)
show deque_size(1)
show deque_underflow(1)
show doing_stabilization
show doing_stabilization(1)
show engine_factor
show force_correction
show fps
show heal_increment
show heal_increment(1)
show heal_increment(2)
show heal_increment(3)
show hist_size
show hud.enable
show hud.minimap.map_extents
show kb_per_sec_received
show kb_per_sec_sent
show network_deley(1)
show num_drawables
show num_dynamic_bodies_gamestate
show num_dynamic_bodies_gamestate(1)
show num_dynamic_bodies_replaysim
show num_particles
show num_triangles
show physics.time_scale
show physics.gravity
show ping
show render_all
show render_instances
show render_player_names
show render_replay_shapes
show render_shapes
show render_terrain
show replaying_history
show send_gamestate
show server.settingy.time_limit
show server.logic.ram_damage_factor
show server.logic.tank_heal_increment
show server.logic.tank_heal_start_val
show server.logic.tank_heal_velocity_thredhold
show server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_dropping_speed_threshold
show server.logic_beaconstrike.time_extension
show server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_heal_increment
show server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_heal_ start_val
show server.network.max_input_deque_size
show server.log.debug_classes
show skip_correction
show soccer
show soccer_cannon.slowdown.factor
show stabilization_enabled
show state_diff_pitch
show state_diff_rot
show state_diff_trans
show state_diff_yaw
show tasks_per_frame
show total_delay(1)
show weapon_system_debug

plot commands
Code: Select all
plot calc_tire_physics
plot camera.move_speed
plot camera.invert_mouse
plot camera.invert_mouse(1)
plot capping_dt
plot client.app.target_fps
plot client.app.min_fps
plot client.app.total_profile
plot client.input.mouse_sensitivity
plot client.input.mouse_sensitivity_pitch_factor
plot client.input.mouse_sensitivity_min
plot client.input.mouse_sensitivity_max
plot client.input.mouse_sensitivity(1)
plot client.app.graphics.lod_scale
plot client.app.graphics.min_lod_scale
plot client.app.graphics.max_lod_scale
plot client.app.graphics.particle_lod_scale
plot client.app.shadows.polygon_offset_factor
plot client.app.shadows.polygon_offset_units
plot client.app.log.debug_classes
plot deque_overflow(1)
plot deque_size(1)
plot deque_underflow(1)
plot doing_stabilization
plot doing_stabilization(1)
plot engine_factor
plot force_correction
plot fps
plot heal_increment
plot heal_increment(1)
plot heal_increment(2)
plot heal_increment(3)
plot hist_size
plot hud.enable
plot hud.minimap.map_extents
plot kb_per_sec_received
plot kb_per_sec_sent
plot network_deley(1)
plot num_drawables
plot num_dynamic_bodies_gamestate
plot num_dynamic_bodies_gamestate(1)
plot num_dynamic_bodies_replaysim
plot num_particles
plot num_triangles
plot physics.time_scale
plot physics.gravity
plot ping
plot render_all
plot render_instances
plot render_player_names
plot render_replay_shapes
plot render_shapes
plot render_terrain
plot replaying_history
plot send_gamestate
plot server.settingy.time_limit
plot server.logic.ram_damage_factor
plot server.logic.tank_heal_increment
plot server.logic.tank_heal_start_val
plot server.logic.tank_heal_velocity_thredhold
plot server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_dropping_speed_threshold
plot server.logic_beaconstrike.time_extension
plot server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_heal_increment
plot server.logic_beaconstrike.beacon_heal_ start_val
plot server.network.max_input_deque_size
plot server.log.debug_classes
plot skip_correction
plot soccer
plot soccer_cannon.slowdown.factor
plot stabilization_enabled
plot state_diff_pitch
plot state_diff_rot
plot state_diff_trans
plot state_diff_yaw
plot tasks_per_frame
plot total_delay(1)
plot weapon_system_debug

if anywhere a mistake say me pls,
all commands a written manuell out from the console
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Postby deepath on 14 Mar 2018, 11:41

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Re: Commands

Postby panistefanin on 31 May 2018, 09:30

Hello! I really liked your story. Thank you! 192.168.o.1
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Re: Commands

Postby s2145s256 on 08 Sep 2018, 08:59

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